Kid President Helps Launch White House Easter Egg Roll

President Obama, first lady Michelle deliver remarks before kicking off White House festivities.
2:30 | 04/01/13

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Transcript for Kid President Helps Launch White House Easter Egg Roll
-- -- That could present a big round of the globe. Is there buddy zen buddhism but ever grow up loved. It is wonderful to see all of you. And I just wanna say welcome you've got brought the great whether it would logo. Shaking this -- but. All of you did a great job. Sending a message upstairs and now we've got beautiful weather. And -- now want to introduce. The star. Be Obama Hamlin. My -- the First Lady Michelle Obama. Thank you Mr. President. Thank you can president Robbie Novak isn't he -- It. -- we're so proud to have you here you have been so inspiring I I can't imagine that -- Anyone who had been senior video right you make us all wanna work hard and be better at right. Failure to spend a little time in the Oval Office just -- and things up for this president and chief. -- are well it's good to have you here and it's great to have everyone here this morning. We are so excited Easter egg roll is. The biggest event that we have here. On the South Lawn of the White House each -- today we're gonna happen more than 30000 people who will pass through. This -- in celebration of nutrition. And health and activity. And that we could not do this if it were not for all of our wonderful volunteers. Our staff all of the terrific performers and athletes. Who had taken time out of their lives and they're busy days to make this importance that we need to give all of them a round of applause for all their hard work. Yes indeed. So today we want -- to have a great time we want you to run around we want -- to go over and see the White House garden when she hit. Learn about making tasty healthy food we're gonna come down -- an Easter egg roll we're gonna read some stories but overall. We want you guys to have a good time. And keep moving and be healthy and kids eat your vegetables okay. Are you all take care we'll see -- down there.

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{"id":18854316,"title":"Kid President Helps Launch White House Easter Egg Roll","duration":"2:30","description":"President Obama, first lady Michelle deliver remarks before kicking off White House festivities.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-easter-egg-roll-2013-kid-president-18854316","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}