White House Loves Aggressive Journalism ... Abroad

ABC's Jake Tapper questions the White House's clamp down on domestic journalism.
1:12 | 02/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for White House Loves Aggressive Journalism ... Abroad
The White House keeps praising these journalists. Kill. -- -- -- when you buy it or don't vice president it is the story. Because that's where that this administration. Has been so aggressively trying to stop aggressive journalism in this case by. Using the Espionage Act to us to that. Whistle blowers to court. Currently. Even the sixth time before the Obama administration had -- -- -- three times in history. -- this is the 600 you're -- the CIA officer for allegedly providing information to. About CIA torture. Certainly that's something that's in the public interest of the United States this administration. -- fitness person of course it just seems to be a disconnect here you want progressive journals and books don't want to stay well. I would hesitate to. Speak to any particular case. For obvious reasons and I would refer you to the Department of Justice for. For more on on that I think. We absolutely honor and praise. The bravery of reporters who are placing themselves in. Extremely dangerous situations in order to bring the story. Oppression and brutality. To the world. I think that is. Commendable and and certainly. Worth noting by us. And is somebody who knew both Anthony and Marie I. Particularly. Appreciate what they did to bring that sort of the American. I. As for other cases again without addressing any specific case I think that there are issues here that involve. Highly sensitive classified information -- I think. Those -- Divulging her double -- alternate and information is a serious issue and and always has the Chicago fraud should well. That's not at all I'm saying Jake and you know it's time again against the city. Well and you're making a judgment about broad array of cases and I can't address that specifically. A lot of -- -- organizations and good government groups as well. I want it that on him.

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{"id":15767702,"title":"White House Loves Aggressive Journalism ... Abroad","duration":"1:12","description":"ABC's Jake Tapper questions the White House's clamp down on domestic journalism.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-loves-aggressive-journalism-abroad-15767702","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}