White House: Obamacare Not 'Decisive Factor' In Dem Florida Loss

Affordable Care Act 'not a negative or a positive,' Carney says.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for White House: Obamacare Not 'Decisive Factor' In Dem Florida Loss
So this is district obviously that. President -- twice as the race you guys -- what -- -- won't -- as recently as yesterday. Taking a loss like this with a candidate you were very enthusiastic about Democrats were enthusiastic about -- was -- -- -- -- should be bracing for a couple. Well it's a couple things first of all. This is a seat that was held by Republicans for 58 years longer than you and I -- along by a lot of them alive. And yeah. I. This is a safe Republican seat for that day BIA. In not you me and -- don't thought it was. Because in the fact that it was going to be close. I think. Demonstrates another in the number of things including -- the winner himself said. Upon winning when he was asked whether or -- why he didn't mention the Affordable Care Act which of course been the focus of the analysis about the meeting and the impact of this special election and he said the national media and pundits they'll draw from the race what they want. This was a clearly run race we know that I don't take a mandate from this I think what the national pundits think. Is they've got -- messaging homework to do maybe based on this race. This was always a local race for me I haven't wavered from that. From the beginning. So. The affordable characters are factored into -- in this race. Look -- me let me let me say a couple things -- Tempting as it is given my background. I and -- and it delve too deeply into. Collection analysis. But I will -- details. Any fair assessment of the role that the debate about the Affordable Care Act play. Reaches the conclusion that at at at best for the Republicans it was a draw and I think this. And that's evidenced by the fact that the Republican candidate so don't even mention it in his. Victories -- So quick exit polling data that it wasn't wrong it's only affordable care that the that the effect of the Affordable Care Act that debate that was as. -- points out. A part of this election campaign for this special. Election. In Florida. -- the the views on it at. At at -- -- well in point of view created to draw it. Did it was not a negative or positive it was not the decisive factor for. An outcome to a race which by the way resulted in less than 2% victory and in a special election again we're talking about a demographic here special election not. November elections the electorate I think as anybody here who understands these things would acknowledge does not -- Democrats. And that's the starting point. Was extremely close in a seat that had been held by Republicans for nearly sixty years so. Look -- Here he hears about something -- -- in 2006. Democrats lost every competitive special election. And went on to pick up 31 seats in of them in 2010. When house Democrats would go on to lose 63 seats and control of the chamber in the fall they won every single. Competitive special election so -- side note I. I think it's a single race. It's a single race and it's a race that is was had a lot of peculiarities to it because it's a special -- any special does it's it's a race where again. Republicans held the seat for 58 years where they routinely -- that seat by thirty or more points in last night they won by less than two points. So it is what it is.

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{"id":22887713,"title":"White House: Obamacare Not 'Decisive Factor' In Dem Florida Loss","duration":"3:00","description":"Affordable Care Act 'not a negative or a positive,' Carney says.","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-obamacare-decisive-factor-dem-florida-loss-22887713","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}