White House: 'Substantial' Aid Flowing to Syrian Rebels

ABC's Jonathan Karl asks press secretary Jay Carney about Syrian rebel protests of Russian plan.
4:32 | 09/12/13

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Transcript for White House: 'Substantial' Aid Flowing to Syrian Rebels
Quick clarification used said that the -- -- happily and the Syrian government while the president of Iran -- acknowledged the Syrian government was. Responsible for the attack appears that the current the government -- -- For the past. So. First what your reaction -- the fact that the very revels in the United States is supporting. Have issued a statement saying they categorically. And -- Russian. These -- giant Aurora no I understand that but it it goes to the point that we have been making that there is an ongoing. Sectarian civil war in Syria. We have been appalled by as many of our allies and partners have been by the wholesale and brutal assault to -- has waged against his own people. But the president is make clear that even as we step up assistance -- the Syrian people and we step up direct assistance to the opposition's military council that we are not putting boots on the ground and we are not. Engaging militarily in an effort takes to try to resolve someone else's civil war but when it comes to. Chemical weapons which pose a threat to the region and the world including the United States. And a violation of a century old prohibition against their use. We absolutely believe that we have to take action -- -- response when the rebel groups the United States is supporting saying they. United States essentially selling them out -- by going for witness. We are fighting Irish respond my response to that is that we continue to support the opposition. And we -- -- sporting -- intangible supporting opposition intangible ways through. Substantial and stepped up assistance. But when it comes to how we resolve. The disposition. These very dangerous weapons. And how we ensure -- -- a dictator does not use them again against innocent civilians including children. You know we will pursue a diplomatic course. To see if they can bear fruit to see if it can produce the result that we desire. In the meantime as the president has said. You know we. Remain ready in our military remains ready. Two. Engage in a military strike if necessary. Expect Russians to be operating in good faith on this one and it's -- the New York Times. What are we wouldn't say it was the rebels that used chemical weapon. I just after this job quickly directors as I said it what Russia has committed itself to and put its credibility and -- on the line and doing so. He is the proposition that it supports and will help bring about. The removal from -- control. Substantial stockpile of chemical weapons transfers of that stockpile to international control. For the ultimate destruction of that stockpile. That is a significant. He's -- business it would represent a significant. Accomplishment. By the international community. And by Russia so we will we will pursue that we obviously disagree. With the wholly unsupported assertions that the opposition could have or did commit this atrocity. But. You know there -- there and we have it. Substantial body of -- -- to prove -- point and we have. More than thirty countries that have already agreed to that proposition and we have obviously I think it's not a member of congress who. -- disagrees with us on the basic facts which is that the chemical weapons attack occurred. And a son was responsible he explained how if you have an agreement with the sought to turn over his weapons. And that starts happening. With the Russians. -- -- -- supervision. Do you still support rebel groups that are fighting to overthrow. The government you're working with torn over the chemical weapons -- -- network. We will continue to support the opposition. Because the network coverage through the web pictures -- you're wearing. To secure chemical weapons that. Need to be security prevented dictator from. Using them again against his own people and he's shown itself more than willing to do that. And these were lost because it's still -- us policy that is Moscow is still our policy in our view that Syria's future cannot. Have aside. In the picture it's it's inconceivable given what he has done to his own people but this is something that we have said all along needs to be. Decided in a political settlement is not something that will. He decided. Militarily.

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{"id":20242019,"title":"White House: 'Substantial' Aid Flowing to Syrian Rebels ","duration":"4:32","description":"ABC's Jonathan Karl asks press secretary Jay Carney about Syrian rebel protests of Russian plan. ","url":"/Politics/video/white-house-substantial-aid-flowing-syrian-rebels-20242019","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}