Wrap up on the 2nd night of 2020 Democratic primary debate

The Democratic presidential candidates face off on the Fox Theater stage in Detroit for the second night of the Democratic primary debate.
7:38 | 08/01/19

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Transcript for Wrap up on the 2nd night of 2020 Democratic primary debate
I'm here where Mike muse and the Mikey show ABC news contributor and our chief congressional correspondent. Mary Bruce has been tracking the candidates all over the campaign trail guys. What a show tonight we're assuming our viewers haven't watched the full two plus hours of debates and I brought a lot of fireworks tonight. All these candidates going at each other throwing some punches. Obviously Joseph Biden come on Harris Cory Booker high expectations tonight and it delivered they all took each other on merry. Joseph Biden was at the center of that right is the early front runner he took the most of the incoming fired all of the candidates mostly going after his record trying to argue that he represented the past they represented future but I was depressed look Connelly shares of course yet a target on her back as well after her strong performance in the first debate. I think actually did a pretty good job of fending off a lot of this incoming fire he to date on everything from immigration to health care to climate change and he held is out in EL the back I don't think there are a lot of like huge moments for him the broke through in terms of his defense. But consider how much it don't mistaking he did a pretty good job. He would studied he did what immediately jailed five tonight at Jefferson date Mike. If we're going to be talking about com all Harrison Joseph Biden tomorrow we're also going to be talking about Cory Booker who burst onto the scene had. The subdued first debate performance but tonight. Sort of rose above or try to at least at. He did it was tough because as may resume its imperfectly but it is such a great job of going on defense and going offense he was able to take get the dividend decision quickly we did see that and in the first debate but we sought after in this debate and quite Booker Debbie rose the case since he knew when to get and it went to get out he was ready to as well he was repaired he had his talking points and had his fingers but listen minus its Allstate Gabbert. I'm Jason her name from congresswoman totals league average the prosecutor until they got hurt she let. Com lake areas in a very prosecutorial away and the way this ended here is always that that was a surprise for me tonight. I was also surprised that Harrison didn't do a better job defending herself I think she knew that she was going to take some heat. And she weighed after Joseph Biden over and over and over again on health care in the first 2030 minutes deeply every time. Commoners got a question she tried to give it back to Joseph Biden to draw distinctions between their health care plans and I have to say you're gonna go on all on the attack on health care. You really admission you know the ins and ask your own plan it really well. And not Sarah Ayers who likes. It is criticisms of senator Harris that she's not familiar with a lot of our plans she's trying to have it both ways we'll get more. Knox or her record her performance and I coming up guys let's take a look at the stays shut there were ten candidates. Honda station I'd half the field a lot at stake at least half the candidates have not yet qualified for the third debate the ABC news debate. Are coming up next month in Houston here is that that field let's take these guys on. One by one starting. Eight guys that Michael Bennet Colorado senator. Who is off on the fringes tonight Mary. You you're one word for Bennett tonight is yet a few comments not sure enough that's many words well. About god I. Canadian night. He was they know when he was on he was all that I wasn't ready again has surprised me tonight with the talk about can drop a red line from slavery on the way to the prison pipeline about that was how that went wow our eyes would get about the attacks into Harris really well when he really talked about the schools are so segregated to this day. I that was really surprised by his. Come as need to brace QQ should Gillibrand these senators or I got it up big time she talked about white privilege tonight. Got a say per line of the night her word of this debate this. And she's jealous. It's good shot at Donald Trump I think he could say was that pretty cheap shot saying that the first things he's gonna do which gets the Oval Office this is Clorox the place and wipe it down she also tried to take a lot of shots at Joseph Biden over you know a previous comments that he he's made about the role of women a pain in the economy and the role of women working outside the moment I think some of that may have fallen below. Why on Castro Brock caught us all by surprise in the first debate the former housing secretary. During the Obama administration came out in favor decriminalizing. Illegal immigration but today he was a little more subdued way we did did he stand at all teel Mike. Absolutely he's ever knew about what about the police reform that has very specific issue becomes a problem does reform. We often talk about these are Democrats are always on my and then we just an average this has however from a just as warm as has brought scoping reins right there are some very specific no sense and how Primoz just reform can be changed and really is are my police are formerly dead aren't there really targeting the very current because this is and I'm not. Prosecuting here please office survey who. Did not get charged for the indictment senator Gerald. On immigration he had a good moment to his of course he was a member of Obama's cabinet need you know taking on Joseph Biden on this issue when he really hit it on the on the question deportations that the rate of deportations under the Obama administration he sets them up or vice president you perhaps you didn't learn any lessons. From that so I don't know it doesn't have as many moments as he didn't the first of April when he did it get the spotlight he ran with it. We saw Cory Booker tonight the F former mayor of New York senator now have New Jersey tangle went down with that Joseph Biden. I'm criminal justice reform these -- we've seen this coming for weeks. They asteroids and I was on the campaign trail. On the Joseph Biden came prepared he threw back inquiry brokers face this 2014. Justice Department. Our review that Joseph Biden and Obama administration were part of they reviewed the New York police department I found that 75% of arrests in that town. How were illegal. He gave Cory Booker did never a good response for that but there's going to be a flash but we'll see how these two spit it out tonight let's move on to Joseph Biden. Very Bruce he set expectations very high sort of a mixed bag I think big picture and thirty. For Joseph but it looks he didn't even. Intended to do here tonight with a that we need to take incoming fire when his rivals took shots at him we knew we were told he was gonna take shots back at that he didn't want to necessarily. Proactively go out there and be jabbing them that he was gonna defend himself he learned his lessons from last time he showed that tonight. Come on Harris one word for a time might. At that long pop. At its Delaware and at age she also recognize these Amy Rizzo has hit its target on her back. I don't know if she was actually ready for it actually think that again a prosecutor Gabbert really there are based for the first time we saw coming here is body language changed it. After that exchange he tightened up a little bit that's what I knew that has my fighter respect them that's yet been damaged slightly. Team says she was relaxed coming into tonight may be too much social of the little unsteady answer her own policy how much Andrew Yang. The businessman who still doesn't Wear a tie as a loyal following that guys on social media saying gain. It's like Chris hello I'm bill that yeah I don't match. It's them. And that's about earlier them out as he went looking for entry yank an asset Detroit as a right for Andrew Yang because of that mix technology that is here and really manufacturing a piece of work and how that's changing and he didn't disappointing. The Allard and I clearly punch seen we have talked about her. Having sort of a breakout moment and let's money. He grabbed that mantle he made clear that he wants voters to know that he feels that he is the strongest candidate on that stage on this issue I think he did that successfully by taking on Joseph Biden. Candidates and I Mike the bomb story if you will build a block the other rule. It's chastise yeah. He act. More questions adding that he was answering at some point out of the moderate make Davis Devin if they win Beckett is our job as the questions of the other candidate but he knew he came to mix things up. He lets you are here about right guys thanks for the rock primary Bruce thank you so much for your analysis.

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"The Democratic presidential candidates face off on the Fox Theater stage in Detroit for the second night of the Democratic primary debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64718778","title":"Wrap up on the 2nd night of 2020 Democratic primary debate","url":"/Politics/video/wrap-2nd-night-2020-democratic-primary-debate-64718778"}