Yang talks universal basic income plan

Entrepreneur Andrew Yang tells ABC News how he could put "economic resources into Americans' hands" as president.
3:18 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Yang talks universal basic income plan
I offered up a lot of cash and a lot of plans and say also you you know lot of doctors apparently yes I do. I do have a lot of doctor friends. It was one Eliza got a lot of laughs tonight but he's sort out wits with. A promise you gonna give ten American families a thousand dollars a month for a year you just told me regardless if you see in this race or not. What's the reason why did that's some idle their. Well it's actually the most powerful illustration. Of what this campaign's all about. Which is putting economic resources into Americans hands and seeing that we can solve our problems I've been giving a freedom dividend for months to people around the country are ready. And how Christensen joins us on Iowa who he is lives in Iowa faulting care of his mom who is recovering from cancer. So he told me when I saw him that he spent some of the money on a guitar. And now he's playing shows for the first time in years he was beaming when he told me seems like a new person. So for him it was a guitar. For Jodi its car repairs for Mallory its going back to the school that's what the freedom dividend is all about the solving our problems nobody can fault you for not having a lot of fresh ideas new ideas. Your critics are saying how are you to pay for all this. Bulls aren't hard to pay for something you give a trillion dollar tech company like Amazon closing 30% of our stores and malls are paying zero in taxes. Very similar the same with the Google FaceBook Netflix Hoover's some of the biggest winners of the Tony for a century economy. Are paying zero or near zero in taxes so if we give the American people our fair share even a tiny slice of every Google searched every fees but dad every Amazon sale every robot truck mile we can generate hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue very very quickly you've you've gotten some bulls on the campaign trail but the reporting about your rallies by your supporters. Mostly men. Mostly young people. But the voters you also need to sort of win this nomination. The elderly. We didn't. How how do you attract them how do you bring them insure ten as well. I'm happy to say the Yang Yang is growing by leaps and down the Yankee game. Now we're where we're expanding beyond any of the demographics you just named in if you come to one of our rallies this week you'll see it's. It's people from all over. The map in terms of background. And ideology. If people watching this say this may be the first time they see you've been site in the debate staged are learning about you. You're having a lot of fun on the Internet just Omega the king of the Internet there's a lot of great beams. But but how can people take you seriously why should people take seriously. The reason we're growing the reason why am one of only two candidates whose campaign has been growing consistently this whole time is I'm calling out the problems the American people can see around us all the time. If I go to I Wear our New Hampshire Ohio and I say did you know to stores closing near main street they say yes and I say why is that they say Amazon. Leno Eddy can see it they can see that the fact that. Pretty soon cars and trucks will be driving themselves what's it gonna mean for the three and a half million Americans who drive a truck for a living for the millions of Americans are working truck stops motels and diners. Around the country. So I'm talking about very very serious problems that are enforced they're going to get more serious in the days and months to come. Andrew Yang we thank you for your time good layup yeah campaign trail ABC is the bombing as the best.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Entrepreneur Andrew Yang tells ABC News how he could put \"economic resources into Americans' hands\" as president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65585021","title":"Yang talks universal basic income plan","url":"/Politics/video/yang-talks-universal-basic-income-plan-65585021"}