White House Groups Together Nordic Leaders for State Dinner

Leaders from 5 Nordic nations will visit the White House on Friday.

— -- The White House is lumping together five Nordic leaders for one glamorous State Visit and Dinner on Friday. It’s the 12th official State Visit of Obama’s presidency, but the only five-for-one bargain grouping in recent memory.

The lavish State Dinner will take place in a tent on the South Lawn, and includes a main course of Ahi Tuna, Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, and Chicken and Waffles as an appetizer.

The showpiece dessert is a handcrafted fishing boat made of gum paste and chocolate to celebrate the thriving fishing industry between the two countries.

On the agenda for the multilateral meeting are discussions over countering terrorism and violent extremism, combating climate change and addressing the migration and refugee crisis in Europe.