White House slams Clinton over 'false and reckless' attacks in new book

The White House is hitting back against Hillary Clinton over her new book.

While Sanders brushed off the idea Trump would crack open the more than 500-page account, she instead used it as an opportunity to read off a pre-written rebuttal trashing Clinton.

"I would think that [the president is] pretty well versed on 'What Happened,' and I think it's pretty clear to all of America," Sanders said. "I think it's sad that after Hillary Clinton ran one of the most negative campaigns in history and lost, and the last chapter of her public life is now going to be defined by propping up book sales with false and reckless attacks."

Trump has also repeatedly revived the bitter rhetoric from the campaign, such as using Clinton's email scandal to try to distract from the ongoing investigation into his campaign's possible ties to Russia.

The White House denied the president was seeking to influence the DOJ to reopen the investigation into Clinton's email practices.