Baby in the office? Providence mayor's habit sparks debate

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza has not been shy about bringing his 1-year-old boy to work

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- The Providence mayor has not been shy about bringing his baby to work, and in doing so has ignited a debate about the role of children in the workplace

Jorge Elorza has taken baby Omar to events ranging from ribbon cuttings to a closed-door meeting with the governor. His City Hall office has a bassinet and toy box.

To some, Elorza sets an example for how to juggle jobs and parenting at a time when many parents work long hours and pay skyrocketing day care costs. But detractors say Elorza is using Omar as a prop and benefiting from a double standard that would prevent a working mother from doing the same.

Elorza said he and his wife decided he'd bring Omar to work after assessing their busy, unpredictable schedules.