Elizabeth Warren nabs 2020 backing of Iowa's state treasurer

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren is announcing the backing of one of Iowa's last two uncommitted Democratic elected officials

"She's the one I think can address the biggest problems we have, and that is the hollowing out of the middle class," Fitzgerald said in an interview with The Associated Press. "She's clear, you understand her message, and I want her fighting for me and all of us."

Asked what stood out about Warren in a field of Democrats often aligned on key issues, Fitzgerald declared that Warren "is a Democrat, she is a capitalist, and she wants to make our system work." He said he'd do whatever the Warren campaign needed to help her win the caucuses.

Warren's organization is seen as one of the strongest in Iowa, but compared with the other top-tier contenders in the field Warren has been relatively slow to roll out endorsements in the state. After a trickle of endorsement announcements, her first major haul of supporters in Iowa came out just last week, after her strong performance in the primary debate in Houston.

Fitzgerald marks Warren's 25th Iowa endorsement and her sixth endorsement from an Iowa elected official.

Wednesday's announcement came as the candidates prepared to return to Iowa for this weekend's Polk County Democratic Party Steak Fry, a fundraising event that also will serve as a test of organizing strength for the candidates heading into the final stretch of the caucus campaign.