House votes, Senate trial: What's next in impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee is expected to debate and vote on the two articles of impeachment later this week



Once the Judiciary panel approves them, the articles are sent to the House floor, where they could immediately be brought up for a vote. Democrats are expected to approve the articles by the end of next week, sending them to the Senate for a trial.


The Senate is expected to hold a weekslong impeachment trial in the opening weeks of 2020. The senators would act as jurors and select House members would act as prosecutors, or impeachment managers. The chief justice of the Supreme Court presides. If the Senate approves an article of impeachment with a two-thirds vote of “guilty,” the president is convicted and removed from office. If all the articles are rejected, the president is acquitted.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that “no decisions have been made” about the length or structure of a Senate trial but indicated it will be in January. He said he would be “totally surprised” if there were enough votes to convict.