Melania Trump recognizes women of courage around the world

Melania Trump honors women from around the world with international courage awards

WASHINGTON -- Melania Trump on Thursday honored women from 10 countries for their courage, saying the trait "is one of the qualities we need most in society."

"Courage is what divides those who only talk about change from those who actually act to change," Mrs. Trump said. "Courage takes sacrifice, bravery and humility. It is the ability to put others first."

Human rights activists, police officers and an investigative journalist were among recipients of the award, which the State Department created in 2007. The award has been bestowed on more than 120 women from more than 65 countries.

"I know she will continue to be an influential leader, an influential voice, who inspires future women leaders, like herself, all around the world," Pompeo said.

International Women's Day is Friday.


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