Police say man punched protester outside Trump rally in Ohio

A Kentucky man is accused of punching a protester outside an Ohio rally for President Donald Trump

Court records show 29-year-old Dallas Frazier, of Georgetown, was arrested Thursday night and charged with misdemeanor assault. He pleaded not guilty Friday but remained jailed in Cincinnati on $10,000 bond with another court appearance scheduled for Aug. 7.

Thousands attended the rally at U.S. Bank Arena.

A criminal complaint by Cincinnati police says Frazier jumped out his vehicle near a group of protesters and shouted, "You want some" before repeatedly punching the 61-year-old protester in the face. The complaint said Frazier caused "visible injuries" and broke the protester's glasses.

Frazier was led away by authorities as protesters chanted, "Lock him up" — a reference to a chant Trump supporters used for his opponent Hillary Clinton in the last election.