Worley: DNC chair trying to 'beat Alabama into submission'

Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley says Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is trying to beat "Alabama into submission" in their ongoing feud

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- The chair of Alabama's Democratic Party accused the party's national chairman on Tuesday of trying to beat "Alabama into submission" by portraying the state party as in a shambles, just the latest twist in an ongoing dispute between state and national party officials.

"From a continuous, 'the sky is falling' media assault on the party and its leadership, to the DNC's withholding $10,000 per month to Alabama, they have bombarded the Alabama Democratic Party from every side" the statement released by the state party and Worley read.

In a letter Monday, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez said the national party was keeping funds from the state party because it had "fallen far short of meeting its basic obligations to develop an effective strategic plan and build the necessary infrastructure for success."

He said Alabama is the only state where monthly party development funds have been withheld because of problems.

"The ADP has chronically underperformed in virtually every aspect of operation," Perez wrote.

Worley called the letter just another example of her opponents "stirring the pot against the Alabama Democratic Party."

Both the DNC and the Jones campaign declined to comment on Worley's statement.