New York Rep. Michael Grimm Expected to Plead Guilty to Felony Tax Charge, Sources Say

He is expected to appear before a judge on Tuesday afternoon.

— -- Rep. Michael Grimm is expected to plead guilty to a felony tax charge Tuesday, federal officials told ABC News.

Grimm, R-New York, is alleged to have solicited and accepted prohibited campaign contributions, caused false information to be included in campaign finance reports and allegedly made a deal with a foreign national to collect campaign contributions in exchange for help getting a green card.

Grimm’s spokesman and chief of staff did not immediately return requests for comment. The FBI’s New York office also refused to comment.

ABC News has learned a plea hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday at 1 p.m. ET in a Brooklyn court. Judge Pamela K. Chen will preside over the hearing.

Plea negotiations had dragged on after feds rejected Grimm's original offer to plead guilty to perjury and obstruction charges in a civil case. He also faces charges of mail fraud. Sources indicated the case against Grimm was “solid but "not good for the bureau" given Grimm's history as a former FBI agent.

Members of Congress do not automatically forfeit their office upon conviction of a felony.