A Complete Makeover's Spillover Effect

ByABC News

May 5, 2005 -- -- The moral to Susan Robinson's story might be "once you start changing it, there's no telling where it will end."

A year ago, she was 45 years old, had never had a manicure, rarely wore makeup and even dyed her own hair. But after her teenage daughter urged her to apply for a contest for a makeover and she won, she was transformed.

"Primetime Live" followed her as the company offering the contest gave her everything from a new haircut to plastic surgery and Botox to tattoos and liposuction. Her family cried tears of joy for her when they saw the new Susan.

But there was one exception: Robinson's husband, Guido Mayorga. He said he believes in aging naturally. Even before she underwent the process, he was resistant.

"Her looks change and therefore her state of mind might change," he said. "Our relationship might change."

Afterward, he said, "Her expressions and her face have changed. I used to see her mother in her face. Now she's not there anymore."

The makeover also caused Robinson to cancel a trip with Mayorga to visit his parents in his native Ecuador. Mayorga went alone.

When "Primetime Live" caught up with Robinson recently, she said that after six years of marriage, she and Mayorga will soon be getting a divorce.

"Well, the last year has been a little difficult at times," said Robinson. "My husband and I don't always see eye to eye. And that's been a difficult dilemma."

Kelly Charron, who was Susan's makeover manager, overseeing the hours of surgery and cosmetic changes Susan underwent, says she was not surprised Mayorga and Robinson were splitting up. "And [I'm] probably a little relieved," she added.

Charron said she doesn't think her company is responsible for the divorce. She believes Mayorga is.

"It was a little disappointing that he was not there more, getting excited, just watching Susan interact with her daughter," she said. "There did always seem that there was a little something that was missing."

Robinson echoed Charon's comments: "I was gung-ho about it and it would have been helpful to have him be a little more interested in it," she said.

Mayorga said he was devastated by the breakup of his marriage. "Susan's brain was changed, not only her body," he said.

But Robinson says she feels good about herself. "Previously, change for me was very difficult. Now I feel more like it's a challenge or something to look forward to," she said.

"Even if it's ... some negative mixed with some positive, there is going to be some plus. There is going to be a better outcome, in the long run."