$10 Minimum Wage Approved by California Lawmakers, Nicole Kidman Toppled by Biker

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$10 Minimum Wage Approved by California Lawmakers
PHOTO: Fast-food workers and supporters organized by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) protest outside of a Burger King Worldwide Inc. restaurant in Los Angeles, Aug. 29, 2013.
Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

California could soon become the first state to have its minimum wage hit the double digits. Workers in the state might soon have a $10 minimum wage.

The state's Legislature on Thursday approved a bill that would raise California's minimum wage to $10 an hour by 2016, according to the L.A. Times. The bill was sent to Gov. Jerry Brown, who said he would sign it.

California has the eighth-highest minimum wage in the country, at $8. The current highest is Washington state, at $9.19, the L.A. Times reported.

Only 19 state and Washington D.C., have passed laws that make their minimum wages higher than the federal rate of $7.25 an hour.

Nicole Kidman Toppled by Photographer on Bike
PHOTO: Nicole Kidman
Jackson Lee/Splash News

Poor Nicole Kidman was just going about her life enjoying New York's Fashion Week and wearing a beautiful nude-colored dress when a pesky photographer on a bicycle slammed right into her, knocking her out of at least one of her high-heeled shoes.

Fear not, world, she's going to make it. Kidman told The Associated Press at a Calvin Klein event that she was OK.

"I'm up, I'm walking around, but I was shaken," she said.

The 19-year-old bicyclist was issued three summonses for riding a bike on the sidewalk, riding a bike with no helmet and reckless endangerment, the AP reported.

You can't seriously think you're going to mess with Nicole Kidman and get away with it, can you?

Scathing Obituary Goes Viral
PHOTO: Johnson-Reddicks obit

Hell hath no fury like children scorned seems to be the takeaway from a scathing obituary that has gone viral online.

The biting obit was written for Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick, a Nevada woman who died Aug. 30 at the age of 79, by her children, Katherine Reddick, 57, and Patrick Reddick, 58.

"On behalf of her children who she abrasively exposed to her evil and violent life, we celebrate her passing from this earth and hope she lives in the after-life reliving each gesture of violence, cruelty and shame that she delivered on her children," the obituary begins.

The abuse endured by Johnson-Reddick's children prompted Nevada to become one of the first states to allow children to cut ties with parents in the 1980s, according to The Associated Press.

"Everyone she met, adult or child was tortured by her cruelty and exposure to violence, criminal activity, vulgarity, and hatred of the gentle or kind human spirit," the obit said.

"Our greatest wish now is to stimulate a national movement that mandates a purposeful and dedicated war against child abuse in the United States of America."

Frog Photobombs NASA Rocket Launch
PHOTO: A still camera on a sound trigger captured this photo of an airborne frog as NASAs LADEE spacecraft lifted off from Pad 0B at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.
Chris Perry/NASA

Look at this little wise guy. A real daredevil caught on camera. Or maybe an unsuspecting victim. Who knows? Let's go with daredevil.

A photo taken of NASA's unmanned LADEE rocket headed to the moon captured a frog photobomb. The small frog was caught on camera launching into the air from its home in the marshy wetlands surrounding the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia.

The frog's silhouette with arm and legs straight out in the air can be seen against the cloud of smoke behind it.

NASA employees say they haven't found the little guy, but hope he survived the wild ride.

Miley Cyrus Explains 'Wrecking Ball'
PHOTO: Mileys New Video

Oh, good. Miley is explaining "Wrecking Ball," her latest artistic venture, to us because that's what we all need ... a reason to keep talking about Miley.

In the music video for the song, Miley can be seen wearing a white tank top and underwear and then nothing at all as she swings back and forth on a giant wrecking ball in front of a room of cement walls.

Cyrus told radio station Z100 in New York that the song is actually about her emotional pain.

"I think the video is much more if people get past the point that I'm naked," she said. "[If] you actually look at me, you can tell that I actually look more broken than even the song sounds. The song is like this pop ballad that is one of those songs everyone is going to relate to, everyone's felt that feeling at some point."

Cyrus told people to just look at her face (once you get past her nakedness).

"If you look in my eyes, I look more sad than my voice sounds on the record," she said. "It was a lot harder to do the video than it even was to record the song."

OK, Miley. OK.

Boeing Delivers Last C-17 Cargo Jet to US Air Force
PHOTO: Air Force C-17
Damian Dovarganes/AP Photo

The Boeing Co. has delivered the last C-17 cargo jet produced for the Air Force, according to the AP.

The huge, multi-use transport plane was first introduced as the Cold War wound down. The plan has been used to make military deliveries, airlift tanks and perform medical evacuations, among other uses.

The C-17 Globemaster III was the 223rd sold to the Air Force and was delivered Thursday during a ceremony attended by hundreds of workers at Boeing's Long Beach, Calif., assembly plant, the AP reported.

The final C-17 took off after the ceremony to Charleston Air Force Base, S.C., as crowds cheered.

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