Miley Cyrus Can't Stop, Jump Back Into 1993 With Jurassic Park

Cyrus' performance of "We Can't Stop" included bears and twerking.

Aug. 26, 2013— -- quicklist: 1 title: Miley Cyrus Owns the Night text: Twerking onstage in a furry one-piece, flanked by giant bears – nothing too out of the ordinary for the MTV VMAs, right?

Miley Cyrus took the stage at the 2013 show at Brooklyn's Barclays Center to flaunt her seriously toned body and renowned dance moves, working the crowd during her performance of "We Can't Stop."

She then stuck around, stripping down to a latex bikini gyrating with a foam finger to help out Robin Thicke during his rendition of "Blurred Lines."

Missed the performance? MTV helpfully broke down Miley's air time in 6 simple GIFs.

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quicklist: 2 title: 'Jurassic Park' Scores Major Box Office Win in China text: Looks like its 1993 all over again for Steven Spielberg.

His "Jurassic Park 3D" earned a whopping $30 million at the box office this weekend from global ticket sales, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The re-released film did $28.8 million in China alone after it opened at number one on Tuesday, The Wrap reported.

"Jurassic Park" didn't play in Chinese theaters when it premiered over 10 years ago, but now the folks there can see what could possibly go wrong with breeding dinosaurs for a theme park.

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quicklist: 3 title: Website Generates Answers to "Blurred Lines" Mystery text: Robin Thicke may have hit the jackpot with the song of the summer, but he left one question lingering in his omnipresent hit "Blurred Lines" – what rhymes with hug me?

While Thicke may be teasing, a website now exists with the answers the crooner may have been looking for.

Answers include: stop trying to drug me, let's play some rugby, let's pop some bubbly, and teach me how to dougie.

Click and enjoy.

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quicklist: 4 title: Jenny McCarthy Poses on the Red Carpet, This Time With New Boyfriend text: It seems like everyone can't get enough of Jenny McCarthy these days.

McCarthy, who is set to join "The View" in September, made her first red carpet appearance with her boyfriend, Donnie Wahlberg, Saturday night, E! News reported.

The newly public couple posed for pictures like seasoned pros at the "Dancing With the Stars" charity event McCarthy was hosting.

She wore a black dress, he wore a tux. You know, as the celebs do for fancy events.

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quicklist: 5 title: Did Justin Timberlake's Reunion With *NSYNC Live Up to the Hype? text: It was the will-they, won't-they mystery that had the Social Climber tossing in her sleep all week.

Despite trying to play it cool, *NSYNC couldn't keep it under wraps anymore – one verified Twitter account was all it took to lead everyone to believe that they'd be performing together at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

During Justin Timberlake's performance, the band broke out and assembled in a formation we haven't seen since the early-aughts. Their short reunion on stage consisted of a quick rendition of "Girlfriend" followed by "Bye, Bye, Bye" – and then they were off.

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quicklist: 6 title: Khloe Kardashian Can't Take the Haters text: While it may seem like her and Lamar Odom's marriage is on the rocks, Khloe Kardashian took to Twitter to blow off steam about the vicious rumor mill that's allegedly tearing her family apart.

The 29-year-old asked everyone to back off in an expletive laden message less than 140 characters long, which will only lead to more speculation about her alleged marital woes.

Meanwhile, Odom has stayed silent on the matter, at least on Twitter. His last tweet may have been written on July 12 (unheard of for someone tied to the Kardashian clan), but he only had kind words for Khloe.

"Before her there never was and without her will never be. Wifey is real," he wrote.

The Social Climber doesn't know what to believe anymore.

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quicklist: 7 title: Eminem To Drop "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" text: In case there wasn't enough MTV VMAs news, Eminem announced plans to release his new album in commercials during Sunday night's telecast.

The album, entitled "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," is a throwback to the rapper's Grammy-winning 2000 album "The Marshall Mathers LP" that put Em on the map, The Detroit News reported.

While the album's release date is slated for Nov. 5, his latest single "Berzerk" will be downloadable come Tuesday, according to his website.

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