And the Winner of Miss America Is ...

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Kazantsev, 23, sang the song while sitting cross-legged on the stage and banging the plastic cups to the beat, a talent she picked up from watching the 2012 movie, "Pitch Perfect."

Responses ranged from puzzled to impressed, but it's clear the judges liked what they saw, and Kazantsev said she chose the offbeat talent to show future contestants they can perform whatever they like in the pageant.

She is the third New Yorker in a row to be crowned Miss America. media:25507222

The song was on the band's self-titled debut album in 1969, and Joan Baez also performed a version of it in 1962.

Now, Cyrus has published her own version of the classic song. She urged followers to check out the song on Twitter. media:25117505

quicklist:3 title: San Francisco 49ers Break In New Stadium text: The San Francisco 49ers lost to the Chicago Bears Sunday night, but fans still had one thing to cheer about: the new Levi's Stadium.

The team played for the first time in the new Santa Clara stadium, which opened in July.

Earlier this summer, ABC's San Francisco station KGO-TV got a sneak peek at the fancy food available there: think wood-fired pizzas and Portobello mushroom burgers instead of hot dogs.

The Bears won 28-20. media:25507042

quicklist:4 title: Cab Drivers Furious Over Body Odor Test text:Cabbies aren't pleased with the San Diego Regional Airport Authority's checklist for drivers, which includes a body odor test.

That's among 52 criteria airport officials use to judge drivers. And if they don't pass the sniff test, taxi drivers have to change before they pick up another customer.

The United Taxi Workers of San Diego says making body odor a part of the test perpetuates a stereotype that foreign-born taxi drivers smell bad, but the airport says it's only enforcing a policy of the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. media:25507388