17 Most Excited US Olympians on Twitter

No 'Sochi problems' for excited US Olympians.

Feb. 7, 2014— -- U.S. Olympians are almost unanimously excited to be in Sochi, in sharp contract with days and days of journalists' complaints about the colored water, stray dogs and generally lackluster facilities at their accommodations.

These 17 American athletes could not be loving life more than they are now.

1. Figure skater Felicia Zhang is enjoying the view.

2. Fellow figure skaters Gracie Gold and Alex Shibutani are... enthused?

3. It's time to get "[s]toked" for snowboarders Chas Guldemond and Sage Kotsenburg. Also, #Merica.

4. How's the track looking this morning, luger Matt Mortensen?

5. Cross country skier Ida Sargent poses a question.

6. Mmmm! Skier Torin Yater-Wallace is all over the Games' perks. He's lovin' it.

7. Meanwhile, figure skater Polina Edmunds is psyched about the free Samsung phones athletes received. Psyched enough to share a selfie.

8. Members of the United States' women's ice hockey team, including Megan Bozek, were also beaming.

9. Over on the slopes, skier Sophie Caldwell spent some time under the sun with teammate Ida Sargent and a member of the skiers' support.

10. Curler John Landsteiner couldn't get enough of the weather either.

11. It was a perfect day for sporting it up, tweeted hockey player Hilary Knight.

12. Skier Nick Goepper had some strong views about practice.

13. And despite tweet upon tweet about journalists' hotel woes, speed skater Heather Richardson made herself at home.

14. Fellow speed skater Jonathan Garcia was chilling in the Olympic Village, too.

15. The picturesque surroundings caught freestyle skier Emily Cook's eye.

16. Opening ceremony time! There's a #sweaterparty, and skier Joss Christensen is invited.

17. Luger Aidan Kelly and teammates are all suited up, too. Let the Games begin!