Adam Silver tweets to Stephen Curry: 'My bad' News Services
May 12, 2016, 6:24 PM

— -- Stephen Curry picked up an additional piece of recognition Thursday: a Twitter photo of a handshake from the commissioner. 

Adam Silver light-heartedly told the Golden State Warriors star he was sorry for failing to acknowledge Curry's handshake attempt during an MVP ceremony at Oracle Arena on Wednesday night. 

Curry was awarded the MVP award before Game 5 of the Warriors' Western Conference semifinal series against the Portland Trail Blazers in Oakland, California. As Silver went to present it to him, Curry extended his right hand, but the commissioner -- seemingly focused on grabbing the trophy -- didn't see it, leaving the league's top shooter grasping for air. 

Curry quickly brought his hand back in and laughed to himself. 

Video of the awkward moment quickly spread on social media. 

Later Wednesday, after the Warriors clinched the playoff series by beating the Blazers 125-121, Curry and Silver made sure they got the handshake right.

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