Cam Cameron reveals cancer treatment, has received 'clean bill of health'

— -- BATON ROUGE, La. -- LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron revealed Friday that he has been treated for prostate cancer but plans to coach during the upcoming season.

"I have learned if you don't give it all out there, everybody tends to, what, fill in the blanks?" Cameron said at a hastily called news conference after Friday's practice. "[I was] diagnosed with prostate cancer and have been given a clean bill of health."

Cameron, 54, said it was a four-week process between his diagnosis and being given that clean bill of health. He said after receiving good news in pathology reports he was given the all-clear "a couple of weeks ago."

He did not miss any practice time in August, according to Tigers coach Les Miles.

Miles said the coaches disclosed Cameron's illness to their team and was pleased that the news never went public until Friday.

"I asked the team that they should be quiet, not necessarily in any way reveal any of this information," Miles said. "It was a very short conversation and a very quiet time. If you consider the challenge to social media and the need to be on the cutting edge of information, this football team did a great job."

Cameron has been treated for cancer before. He was a 28-year-old Michigan assistant when Wolverines coach Bo Schembechler noticed a spot on his back. After seeking treatment, Cameron learned that it was a malignant mole, and he was diagnosed with Stage 2 melanoma.

"Bo Schembechler, without getting down that road, saved my life the first time," Cameron said. "I was a melanoma spokesman in the National Football League, and that's another story. Obviously, enjoy every day we're here. Hopefully, as we all grow older, we all understand that more and more."

Moving forward, Cameron said he has some minor recovery ahead but does not plan to let that affect his ability to coach.

"Obviously, any time you're recovering from anything, you've got to be a little bit careful," Cameron said. "But now you can see I've been at practice. I've been at all the scrimmages. I'm in the press box on game day anyway. That view is very important for me, so I'm very involved and very, very few limitations. I would think it would be completely 100 percent by Monday."

Cameron and Miles coached together as assistants under Schembechler at Michigan before being reunited in 2013 at LSU. Cameron was head coach at Indiana from 1997 to 2001 and coached in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins (as head coach) and Baltimore Ravens between 2002 and 2012.

Cameron is entering his third season as the Tigers' offensive coordinator. The Tigers finished 77th in total offense (387.5 YPG) tied for 73rd in scoring offense (27.6 PPG) last season.