Camper comes at Michael Jordan's shoes with Internet meme

— -- The Internet loves Michael Jordan.

Whether it's reminiscing about his glory years via videos, the ever-popular crying MJ memes or simply obsessing over his iconic kicks, the Hall of Famer is beloved all over the Internet.

But all that e-love didn't make him impervious to an attack from a kid at his basketball camp armed with an Internet meme aimed at shoe-checking Jordan's footwear via one simple question: "What are thossseeee?"

For those unfamiliar with the meme, it's used to humiliate someone for their ugly shoes. Allen Iverson's crossover might be the only other time Jordan has been caught slipping like this.

Clearly confused by the question -- forgive him for being 52 and not up on the latest Internet memes -- Jordan consulted his staff before serving up this resolute rebuttal: "These are Jordan XX9 lows." Straight to the point, because when you have 29 shoes bearing your name, that's all you need to be.

The lesson here: Don't  ever come at the man with the greatest sneaker game of all time.