David Ortiz serves as undercover Lyft driver

— -- It appears David Ortiz may have some work lined up for him once his storied career ends after this season.

In a video released Wednesday, the Boston Red Sox slugger served as a Lyft driver in disguise, taking unsuspecting passengers around Boston while wearing a wig and sunglasses and calling himself Donny. He even did his routine of spitting into his hands before taking the wheel.

Amusingly, Ortiz talked a lot of trash about New York while in the car, noting that, "A big part of my career has been being successful in New York." He also told one passenger: "I like to drive, but a lot of times they make me walk."

Ortiz is just the latest in a line of athletes to take a turn behind the wheel in recent months, joining Shaquille O'Neal, Richard Sherman and Kris Bryant.