FLB Buzz: Tuesday, May 18

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  • 1. Glaus = toast
  • 2. Vinny, Vidi, Vici
  • 3. David Wells slits wrist?
  • 4. Closer update
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  • 25 percent-75 percent owned: Carl Pavano is a good pitcher. Has a very nice ERA and ratio, so why is he owned in only 59.4 percent of leagues? Sure, that number is up 20 percent over the last week, but still. Pavano is nearly as good as some of the guys owned in 99 percent. Tomorrow, for example, Oliver Perez, Mark Redman and Jon Lieber are in action. Are all owned by many, many leagues. I'm just saying Pavano has turned the corner, and could be a 14-win guy with nice peripheral stats. I own him. Hideo Nomo, at Philly. I sit him, until I see improvement.



    "It was not a fight. It happened at his home. It sounds like he cut himself with some glass. How he did that, I don't know."

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  • Question: Eric, you mention that San Juan's stadium is not performing like the bandbox is was last year. Has no one at ESPN informed you that the fences were moved back to typical major league distances this year? It is no longer a bandbox in size, even if the Expos are a AAA team. -- Brett Muney, Glen Ridge, NJ.
  • TODAY'S USER RANT(S): from Jeff, Columbus, Ohio
    When will the Reds realize that Danny Graves is not a closer? I know he's leading the majors in saves but that's ONLY because he's had more opportunities than anyone else. There's no doubt in my mind that 75% of major league relievers (not necessarily closers) could rack up the same amount of saves. I don't know the official number but I would guess that at least half of Graves' saves have come with more than a 1 run lead. He's a sinker ball pitcher that relies on groundballs but when he misses, and he does a lot, that ball hangs up there at 85 MPH and ends up in the seats. He's given up more HR's (6) than the next 5 save leaders combined. I think he would be better utilized in the setup role. He'd be perfect for coming in with runners on base and coaxing a ground ball for a double play. I would go on but this is probably way too long already. I just had to reply to your "Danny Graves is unbelievable" quote. He's unbelievably overrated. [Karabell: I don't disagree, but the give the guy some credit. He's got 17 saves. Only two other relievers have more than 12. Graves also has four 30-save seasons on his resume. He may not be the best closer, or even better than Ryan Wagner (certainly long term Wagner will be the choice) but right now Graves is getting the job done. Ask Billy Koch owners how they feel about Graves.
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