Forecast: How many titles for LeBron in Cleveland?

— -- Not two. That's it.

Unlike in his introduction to Miami five years ago, when he famously proclaimed that the newly reshuffled Heat could win multiple championships, LeBron James attempted to temper expectations upon returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers last offseason: "I'm not promising a championship," James said in announcing his decision. "I know how hard that is to deliver."

It didn't seem too difficult last postseason, when, even without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, James and the Cavaliers stormed through the Eastern Conference and nearly upset a historically great Golden State Warriors team in the NBA Finals.

Now, just a year after his big homecoming, 44 percent of our panel expects James to bring one championship banner to Cleveland. Thirty-four percent think he'll win two, tying the amount he collected with the Heat and pushing his career total to an even four.

Here's how the voting breaks down:

Your thoughts?

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