Giants, Eli Manning say memorabilia dealer misrepresented emails


Attorneys representing the New York Giants and? Eli Manning?have fired back, filing a motion stating that "relevant evidence" was intentionally omitted to create the impression that the quarterback was complicit in a game-used memorabilia scheme.

The claim was part of a brief filed Wednesday in Bergen County (New Jersey) that alleged Manning's emails were mischaracterized for the purpose of disparaging him and the Giants, according to court documents obtained by ESPN.

In an email obtained through discovery by the memorabilia dealer who is suing Manning and the Giants for fraud, the quarterback asked equipment manager Joe Skiba to find two helmets that "can pass as game used." After the release of that email, the plaintiff's attorney made comments to reporters suggesting it proved Manning's complicity.

While McCarter & English, the law firm representing the Giants and Manning, say hundreds of pages of documents exonerate Manning, they have not made those files public.

Manning has angrily denied having any involvement in the alleged scheme to fraudulently pass off equipment as game-used.

"I've done nothing wrong, and I have nothing to hide," Manning said Thursday.

The main reason for the most recent filing was to ask the judge to uphold a previous agreement by all parties that prohibited information marked as confidential to be publicly reviewed. McCarter & English claim that the quotes presented by the plaintiffs were "cherry-picked" to paint the defendants in a bad light.

The most recent filings and motions come a little more than a week after a reported settlement meeting.