Hall, Sherman engage in Twitter war


Earlier this offseason, Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall told a radio audience what he thought of Richard Sherman's game. He liked it ... to a point. And he wasn't afraid to knock the Seattle Seahawks cornerback.

Thursday, Hall let Sherman know directly what he thought, leading to an entertaining exchange via Twitter.

It started with this tweet by Hall:

And thus ensued Thursday's back and forth between the two players :

Hall followed up Sherman's response with more shots of his own: 

Later in the night, Sherman tweeted: 

Earlier this offseason, Hall was asked on 106.7 The Fan what he thought of Sherman's skills.

"I definitely think he's the best at what they want him to do, what they ask him to do. To sit there and say he's the best corner in the game is probably not fair because of what their defense asks him to do," Hall said. " ... To say he's the best corner in the game is a little bit, um ... I guess screwed. Because I love Patrick Peterson myself, personally, just things that guy does on the football field is just exciting. But you can't deny Richard Sherman's numbers. His numbers have been amazing.

" ... But like you said, he's out there playing the guys to the sideline, and there's not too many routes a guy can run when their numbers split from the sideline, and you don't want to run inside with those fierce safeties."