Jeff Fisher: Rams' relocation tough but no excuse for struggles

— -- Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher took ownership of the poor state of his football team late Monday afternoon, but then he brought up the logistics he believes have affected it.

"I'm disappointed with the record," Fisher said, "but I don't think anybody really knows what we've been going through."

Fisher, whose team is 4-7 after Sunday's 49-21 thrashing at the hands of the New Orleans Saints,?was referencing the move from St. Louis that was followed by a heavy regular-season travel schedule that included a trip to London and several trips to the East Coast.

"We've been through a lot," Fisher said. "It's not an excuse, but we've been through more than any other team in the National Football League this offseason -- the moves and the travel and all those things. We're dealing with those as best as we can."

The Rams have lost six of seven games for the first time since 2011, the year before Fisher took over. Their next three opponents, the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks,?are a combined 23-9-1, which means it'll be difficult for the Rams to finish this season with the 7-9 record that has been their staple under Fisher.

"It's my responsibility," Fisher said. "Ultimately, it's my responsibility. The win-loss record falls on my shoulders."

Fisher's Rams have been no better than 7-8-1, though the franchise lost 65 of 80 games in the five years leading up to his first season. Fisher has kept the Rams competitive, but they have been unable to progress beyond mediocrity and have been plagued by penalties and a sluggish offense. Since 2012, the Rams are first in the NFL in total penalties (691) and last in yards per game (309.1).

Now Fisher -- along with general manager Les Snead -- is heading into the final month of his current contract, with no extension announced. The expectation remains that Fisher will return next season, but his future seemingly gets cloudier by the day. Fans in Los Angeles and those remaining in St. Louis continue to clamor for him to be fired.

"I'm not pleased with where we are right now," Fisher said. "Each year, each roster is different. We took over a 2-14 team, and we built it. We were competitive. We've had quarterback issues. You guys can do the math. You know how many different quarterbacks we've played with. We've moved on. We're moving forward with? Jared [Goff]. We've got a roster that we need to continue to upgrade.

"I'm disappointed with the record. I don't think anybody really knows what we've been going through, but I'm into this week. I'm into the Patriots. I'm disappointed in last week, into this week and moving forward. As I told you guys before, I don't look over my shoulder."