Joe Namath's Coat and That First Snap: 8 Moments That Made the Super Bowl

PHOTO: Former NFL players Michael Strahan, left, and Joe Namath attend the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Pregame Show at MetLife Stadium on Feb. 2, 2014 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
Former NFL players Michael Strahan, left, and Joe Namath attend the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVIII Pregame Show at MetLife Stadium on Feb. 2, 2014 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

intro: The hotly anticipated match-up was supposed to be a nail-biter of a game with the best defense in the league in Seattle taking on the league's best offense in Denver. But instead the game turned into a lopsided victory for the Seahawks, who dominated from the very beginning.

Denver's bad luck started from the beginning, when they messed up on the very first snap. A miscommunication left Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning unprepared as the ball sailed over his head and into the end zone leading to a two-point safety.

The rest of the game wasn't much better for the Broncos, as the relentless Seattle defense didn't allow Denver a first down until the second quarter, and kept the Broncos from scoring until the game was all but out of reach.

But Super Bowl XLVIII belonged to the Seahawks, a team lead by (almost) rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, who pulled off their first championship victory with room to spare in a 43-8 victory.

We've run down the game in just eight moments from Joe Namath's impressive coat to Manning's face after that first snap and the many, many Seattle touchdowns.

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quicklist:1 title: Joe Namath's Coat and a Fumbled Coin Toss

text: Does it have a name?

Before the game even started, Joe Namath's coat became the talk of the night. Always a fan of furs, former New York Jets quarterback "Broadway Joe" Namath got plenty of attention for his fashionable apparel on a warm winter night in New Jersey.

He might have even had himself distracted. Called on to perform the pre-game coin toss, he initially flipped the coin without either team picking heads or tails.

Seattle ended up winning the toss, and the game.

media: 22338376 quicklist:2 title: Oops, The Bronco's Mistake Leads to Fastest Score in Super Bowl History text: The game got off to a bad start for the Broncos on the very first play from scrimmage. A miscommunication left Manning unprepared for the ball, which center Manny Ramirez sent sailing over his head into the end zone.

Denver's Knowshon Moreno managed to cover the ball, leading to a safety and two points for the Seahawks.

The Broncos' mistake on the first play, just 12 seconds into the game, resulted in the quickest score Super Bowl history.

Media: 22340232 quicklist:3 title: Malcolm Smith Goes 69 Yards for Touchdown

text: Manning's day went from bad to worse when Malcolm Smith intercepted a Broncos pass and managed to sprint 69 yards for a touchdown.

The Broncos had finally been making headway on the field when Manning got hit as he attempted a pass. The ball came up short, allowing Smith to grab it and run to the end zone.

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quicklist: 4 title: '90s TV Shows Take Over the Super Bowl

text: Two classic television shows of the '90s used the Super Bowl as reason for a mini-reunion.

Cast members from both "Full-House" and "Seinfeld" showed up for the big game.

While the "Full-House" reunion with John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier in a Dannon yogurt commercial had been released last week, the "Seinfeld" reunion had been kept under wraps.

However, rumors of a reunion had popped up after Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander, who is better known as George, were spotted at the legendary Tom's Diner in Manhattan.

The pair joined up over a coffee for a bit of complaining about Super Bowl parties and to plug Seinfeld's web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." The segment wasn't technically a commercial -- rather, it was a promotion and part of the half-time entertainment show.

And going all out for the Super Bowl meant even Newman made a half-time appearance.

Media: 22341027 quicklist: 5 title: Bruno Mars Jams with the Red Hot Chili Peppers text: Speaking of the '90s, singer Bruno Mars brought out the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a quick jam session during his halftime show.

While some had questioned whether Mars would be able to pull off a halftime show, the singer put on an energetic and entertaining performance with little more than a drum set and a group of well-dressed band members.

Mars did manage to go full-Super Bowl by ending his set with a round of fireworks going off above the stadium as he sang "Just the Way You Are."

media: 22339659 quicklist: 6 title: Jermaine Kearse Dodges Defenders for Touchdown text: The Seahawks continued their domination with two touchdowns in the third quarter, the first on the opening kickoff of the second half, which put Seattle up 29-0.

Jermaine Kearse pulled off the quarter's second touchdown with a 23-yard run that will be a staple of highlight reels for the rest of winter.

Kearse's touchdown and a field goal left Seahawks with a 36-0 lead.

media: 22340642 quicklist: 7 title: Demaryius Thomas Puts Points on the Board for the Broncos

text: Well, it's something.

Demaryius Thomas managed to finally get a touchdown to put Denver on the board in the third quarter, and Manning connected with Wes Welker on the two-point conversion, but the Broncos quarterback didn't look happy.

They were still down 28 points.

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quicklist: 8 title: Seattle Thanks the 12th Man text: In the end, it was the Seattle Seahawks that pulled off a dominating victory, winning the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the first time in franchise history.

While the team was thousands of miles away from their loyal and loud fans, the Seahawks made sure to send them their thanks.

Seahawks fans are known for being so passionate (and again loud) that the team calls them the "12th man" and even carries a flag with the number 12 when they take the field.

With confetti raining down, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll thanked the team's hometown fans.

"We take this trophy back to the 12th man, an unbelievable spirit," Carroll said. "It's their trophy" Media: 22341080