Josh Norman rips Odell Beckham Jr.: He 'shouldn't be on the field'

— -- Panthers cornerback Josh Norman ripped Giants star  Odell Beckham Jr. after their one-on-one matchup Sunday, accusing Beckham of dancing "around like a ballerina" and saying he hopes the league punishes him for his on-field antics.

"Players like that shouldn't be on the field," said Norman, who feuded with Beckham throughout Carolina's 38-35 victory.

Beckham was whistled for three personal fouls, including a blindside, helmet-to-helmet hit on Norman in the third quarter.

"The guy came at me from 15 yards down the field," Norman said. "Taking a shot at a guy's head, that's just going too far."

Giants coach Tom Coughlin acknowledged that Beckham lost his composure but said he never considered benching him.

"He did lose his composure," Coughlin said. "Throughout the course of the game, he regained it, but I wouldn't speak for him, and I wouldn't make an excuse for him."

Play ranged from chippy to nasty, particularly as the Panthers took every opportunity to bang around Beckham.

Beckham gave back, too, especially during one sequence when Norman crashed into him, and Beckham wrestled Norman to the ground. Norman also drew a flag for hitting Beckham on the helmet.

"People who were in their living rooms, they watched it," Norman said. "I'm pretty sure they understand what kind of player this guy is.

"I hope I pulled back a mask. I hope I pulled back the face on what this dude really is."

Beckham, a second-year receiver, finished with six receptions for 76 yards and a game-tying touchdown in the fourth quarter, when he appeared to taunt Norman before running to midfield in celebration.

But Beckham was thwarted for much of the game by Norman and dropped what would have been a wide-open touchdown catch in the first quarter.

"People do from time to time drop a ball, even people who have his ability," Coughlin said. "He was on his way to the end zone on that first play, as well. I'll talk to him about it, and I'm not going to discuss it anymore. Whatever we have to discuss, we will discuss in private."

ESPN Panthers reporter David Newton and The Associated Press contributed to this report.