Kiper vs. McShay: Head-to-head three-round mock draft

ByMel Kiper Jr. and Todd Mcshay Via <a Href="" Title="espn" Class="espn_sc_byline">espn </a>
April 26, 2016, 8:34 PM

&#151; -- For this one, it's not about whom we project -- it's about which player we would take at each slot.

Thing is, because we have to alternate picks, we won't always get the player who seems like the best fit for each slot, because that player could be taken with an earlier pick. The ground rules are simple: alternate picks; no trades; no deals that say "I won't take Player X if you don't take Player Y." It's just "This is whom I'd take" at every slot on the board for three full rounds.

Got it? Here are the picks:

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