Miami Heat Star Chris Bosh Hopes He Can Play Again

The Miami Heat star is recovering after a life-threatening diagnosis.

But the ovation he received Monday – a thundering standing ovation – wasn’t for basketball success, but merely surviving.

In a one-on-one interview with ABC News, Bosh said he still faces a difficult road back. For weeks, Bosh says, he fought through the pain, but he says it became unbearable while he was vacationing.

He later checked himself into the hospital, where he finally learned the severity of his situation. The blood clots had traveled from his calf to his lungs, a condition that kills 100,000 Americans each year, often people with poor circulation such as the elderly or the very tall. The same condition killed former NBA star Jerome Kersey the same week.

These days, Bosh is homebound with his wife and three children. His physical exertion is limited, and he only recently started driving around the block. He’s realistic about his circumstances, but hopeful he can resume his career next season.

At this point, Bosh is scheduled to resume full basketball activities in September, putting him on target for a healthy return in 2015-16.

"All the love and energy has really, really allowed me to be back here," Bosh said. "Not under the circumstances I want to be, but beggars can't be choosers. Very happy to be here and I'm doing a lot better."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.