#MLBRank: The Iron Horse and the Big Train make Olney's top 10

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July 20, 2016, 12:00 PM

&#151; -- The games are still composed of nine innings and 27 outs. There are still 90 feet between bases, and .300 has always been a benchmark of accomplishment for hitters. But one longtime pitcher who started his career in the 1990s laughed off the idea that you could possibly compare the game he played with the brand of baseball that occurred 100 years ago.

"If you look back at pictures of those games, the catcher is standing up," he said. "Do you think that strike zone is the same size as it is now?"

Nope. This is why measuring players of today against those who played a century ago is ridiculously imprecise, unfair and mostly an empty exercise.

But it's also a lot of fun.

With that caveat: My top 10 players of all time.

10. Rickey Henderson

When Henderson was up for election for the Hall of Fame in 2009, it was shocking  he was left off the ballots of 28 voters. It's just as stunning that he is not higher on this list. The aim of every game is to score as many runs as possible, and Henderson did that more than anyone -- 2,295 in his career. He reached base more than 5,000 times. He stole 1,406 bases -- over 500 more than Ty Cobb. He hit 297 homers. He won a Gold Glove Award. He is one of the best players of all time.

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