Money Confidential

— -- It's 2014, and we've now seen decades of bankrupt athletes who serve as cautionary tales for current athletes. Recent examples such as Jack Johnson and Tyron Smith have to be anomalies, right? Not so much, based on a recent Confidential survey of 37 pro athletes from the four major sports leagues. In fact, most athletes we spoke with described a nonstop barrage of monetary requests from family and friends.

<strong>In the past year, how many times have you been asked for a loan by friends and family?</strong>

<strong>Of all the loans you have ever given out to family and friends, what percentage have been paid back?</strong>

<strong>Do you agree or disagree with this statement: More money, more problems.</strong>

<strong>Yes or no: Having our salaries published causes major problems in athletes' lives.</strong>