5 NFL Players to Watch This Season

These football players are among the most competitive or controversial.

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Here are five players to watch this season:

1. Richard Sherman

Sherman is one of several young Seahawks players that will make headlines again this year. Look for his fast-running feet -- and mouth -- this season.

3. Calvin Johnson

The 28-year old is touted as the Lions' secret sauce to hopefully reaching the NFL playoffs this season.

4. Michael Sam

Michael Sam may be the most famous practice squad player in league history. Sam, who was the first publicly gay player to be drafted in the NFL, was dropped by the St. Louis Rams, but he still is of keen public interest.

As of this week, the 24-year old practices with the Dallas Cowboys. His jersey sales continue to soar. Who know, he may even end up playing in a real game.

5. J.J. Watt

Watt was a first-round pick up the 2011 NFL Draft and the Associated Press' 2012 NFL Defensive Player of the Year. The 25-year old may just be getting started.