NYChrisG: 'It was everyone's cold hands against me'

— -- You can call him Christopher Jesus, Christopher Genius or Chris G, but definitely call him the champion of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at the Evolution Championship Series 2016.

Christopher "NYChrisG" Gonzalez finally won the biggest title that's eluded him. After all the work, accolades, and nicknames as one of the three "Marvel gods," this victory was especially fulfilling. In UMvC3, Gonzalez was a threat to win any tournament. He created a team that was so deadly, it scared the majority of the east coast out of tournament participation. His team, point character Morrigan, first assist Doctor Doom, and anchor Vergil, was a mix of potent zoning with fireballs, doom rocks, swords, and safe and ambiguous rush down.

He pioneered the team and perfected the art of throwing relentless fireballs with the canceling of Morrigan's animations. It led to the term of a "bullet time" team and the existence of a viable zoning team in a game that never truly established one. At one point, he looked untouchable. But he never won an Evo title.

"It feels so good," Gonzalez said. "When you're playing a game and you took everything else but that one tournament and then finally taking it, it's the best thing ever."

Gonzalez viewed himself as the best chance and roadblock against Nicolas "Kane BlueRiver." He figured that the consensus thinking was that if he couldn't stick around in the tournament, Kane BlueRiver would take the entire competition. When he finally took his chance to fight him, he would cruise to a grand final reset and then swiftly end the hope for a two-time Marvel Evo champion.

Although Kane BlueRiver put up a fight, Gonzalez said his first round in the Top 8 was his toughest match of the night. He ran into Marvel vs. Capcom legend, Justin Wong, in another chapter of their epic rivalry. Their set would last until the last game when Gonzalez would finally put the nail into Justin Wong's Evo tournament run. It was an instant classic with signature Justin Wong potential comebacks, zoning, and Vergil nuttiness.

"When I sat and fought Justin Wong, I was shivering. I was scared and nervous. But after getting past him, I calmed down," Gonzalez said. "The good thing was that my matches were one after the other. The more I played, the more precise and warmer I became. At that point, it was everyone's cold hands against me. I was just super focused. I'm glad they let me keep playing. It was a gauntlet. As much as people want that break, I don't."

With the victory, Gonzalez won't rest. His tournament schedule should remain unchanged and his motivation to take down and attend as many competitions will not falter. He called this Evo victory his bus stop before bigger and better things. In the end, it's just another tournament on the resume, even if it's the biggest one for a Marvel player to win.

Last year, Kane BlueRiver won and received plenty of criticism for his lack of presence in major Marvel tournaments. But Gonzalez said he'll always support the game, whether it's this one or the next.

"This was for New York. When I was in New York, I was on fire," Gonzalez said. "I fell off the face of the earth when I moved to California. USA just had my back today, it's for all of them. The ones that believed in me."