Owner of $100 bill signed by Johnny Manziel getting offers

— -- The owner of the $100 bill signed by Johnny Manziel on Sunday has been offered $1,000 for it via social media.

Caleb Leach of Columbus, Ohio, said the bill could be had but only at the right price. And he's not sure yet what the right price might be.

"We've had offers up to $1,000 for it on social media, but we don't know if they're legit," Leach said in a phone interview Tuesday. "We've heard from some auction memorabilia people, too.

"But I think we're going to hang on to it and see what it's worth."

The bill belongs to Leach, who thought it would be "cool to have 'Money Manziel' sign a $100 bill" at FirstEnergy Stadium before the Browns' 24-10 win over the San Francisco 49ers.

Manziel was already signing other items near the team tunnel as he headed back to the locker room after a warm-up.

"I had a new hat and I didn't want him to sign a new hat," said Leach, who said he didn't think Manziel would go along with the idea of signing the bill.

It was Leach's boyhood friend, Kyle Horner, who reached over the stadium wall with the money. And Manziel signed, without comment.

"He had his game face on," Horner said. "He saw it and just smirked, then went right back to his game face."

Leach said the large signature from Manziel read "Johnny Manziel," but in the corner of the bill, Manziel added "Money Manziel" in smaller letters.

"If it was $5, he's probably not talking to ya," Horner said with a laugh.

Leach is not above hoping Manziel has an excellent career now that Leach has this bill.

"A couple Super Bowls and the Hall of Fame would be nice," Leach said.

As for the actual signed $100 bill -- it's safely stored in a secret location.

"It's hidden," Leach said. "And it's going to stay hidden."