What players are saying at the PGA

— -- LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- As the top golfers from around the globe gather for the year's final major, ESPN.com will track their news conferences and share the topics du jour.

"It just seems funny to me. Just seems hokey to me." @bubbawatson on the long drive competition that @PGAChampionship restarted this year

With long drive competition on No. 10, @bubbawatson chose to hit 3 iron and not driver to prove a point that he didn't agree with concept

The reigning @The_Masters champ @bubbawatson says he took the internet off his phone trying not to read what others say and write about him

— ESPN Golf (@ESPNGolf) August 5, 2014

Told he has same odds @TigerWoods (33-1) to win this week, @bubbawatson said he doesn't gamble, but he always likes Tiger's odds

— ESPN Golf (@ESPNGolf) August 5, 2014

There are long holes this week @PGAChampionship and @bubbawatson will be hitting driver at 1, 2, 4 maybe 5, 7, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18 (probably)

The 2010 @PGAChampionship runner up, @bubbawatson sharing his thoughts about this week's event at Valhalla pic.twitter.com/HlJeT7bL6d

— ESPN Golf (@ESPNGolf) August 5, 2014

Lefty, @RickieFowlerPGA played long drive competition with @Keegan_Bradley. Bradley went 326, but Lefty said his team won, due to Fowler

What I saw ( @McIlroyRory) doing last week was playing to his strength (by driving the ball great) -- Phil Mickelson

Mickelson confident he won't need to be a @TomWatsonPGA captain's pick @RyderCup2014. Never has needed a pick before

Stay inside 20 feet here at Valhalla, says Mickelson, because outside that, you'll get some seriously challenging putts. — ESPN Golf (@ESPNGolf) August 5, 2014

Mickelson's confidence level riding high for @PGAChampionship. Says he feels his practice sessions are better and he's not searching for it

Phil Mickelson realizes he's on the outside looking in for @RyderCup2014 standings but thinks the course suits him for a good finish

Coming off a final-round 62 @WGC_Bridgestone, Phil Mickelson really pleased with the way everything came together for his game

Scores could be low if the rain comes in here @PGAChampionship, says Phil Mickelson

"A fun place for us to play" with the memories of the @RyderCup2014 -- Phil Mickelson on returning to Valhalla

And now up, Phil Mickelson! pic.twitter.com/ptoU2dNX1s

The goal of 18 majors for @TigerWoods was a great idea, says @MKaymer59. He looked longterm, which helps keep the focus for your career.

A thoughtful @MKaymer59 tries to explain what's harder, to reach the top or stay at the top. Maintaining seems to him to be more challenging

What to work on for @MKaymer59? Short game could use practice, but overall he's pleased with his game, says the @usopengolf runaway winner

When discussing @TigerWoods' recent play, @MKaymer59 says it's hard to describe his game, but was impressed by his chipping.

Advice for new no. 1 @McIlroyRory? @MKaymer59 says don't care about it. Kaymer adds that Rory doesn't need advice.

When @Keegan_Bradley won the @PGAChampionship he gave players @RedSox hat. @MKaymer59 loves it b/c it fits perfectly. A favorite gift.

A shoulder problem for @MKaymer59? Reporter asked him about it but the reigning @usopengolf champ was taken aback that he knew about it

This week's venue, Valhalla, hoisted 2008 @RyderCup2014. @MKaymer59 played but said he was pleased to not play right away since he was young

Some recent results have been less than @MKaymer59 expected and he attributes that to playing less since his @usopengolf win

If you look real close on the back right, @MKaymer59 can see his own name on the @PGAChampionship list behind him pic.twitter.com/wtuck5ENuY

How does @McIlroyRory know if he's got his "A" game? Sometimes it's more about getting rid of bad shots than hitting the good ones, he says

What does @McIlroyRory need to work on? Wedge play, he said, since when his driving is on, he has many wedges into greens. Bunker play, too.

How does @McIlroyRory get the length off the tee for a guy who isn't that big? The gym. He added 3 kilograms of muscle in last 3 weeks.

Asked about "The Era of Rory"' @McIlroyRory winces a bit as if he doesn't know how to answer that question.

To answer, @McIlroyRory said golf has been looking for someone to take the mantle and he hopes he's the one, but isn't reading into it

As for the course, @McIlroyRory doesn't know much about Valhalla, but still feels the course suits his game.

It's the sixth @PGAChampionship for @McIlroyRory. He took Monday off to try to get a little rest but still came to the course to register.