Puppets, no beer and a (very loud) cannon

— -- SYDNEY -- College football fever landed here on Saturday.

Australian fans saw a high-flying affair with plenty of points scored between Cal and Hawaii (the Bears won 51-31). But like so many college football game days, the sights and sounds around the contest were just as memorable as what the two teams provided on the field.

Here are The Woot and Wye Show's favorite things about the Sydney Cup:

1. The Aussie spin on the college football tailgate

Licensing laws in Sydney limit a true authentic tailgate experience in the ANZ Stadium complex, however the promoters of the event made up for it with a free tailgate party at a nearby venue called "The Brewery." Inside the complex was live music, beer, food trucks, cornhole and more. The atmosphere didn't match that of traditional tailgate, but it was among the best we have experienced in Australia with lots of energy and laughter.

2. The obscure fan jerseys

Understandably the crowd was not filled with a huge amount of Cal Bears and Hawaii Rainbow Warriors fans, although some diehards did make the trip.

The Australian spectators dusted off and pulled out their favorite football jerseys. The most popular being a 49ers' Jarryd Hayne jersey, which was easily being worn by over a thousand spectators. Some of our personal favorites included a Jaguars' Eugene Monroe jersey, a Joshua Cribbs' jersey and these Tim Tebow Florida jerseys.

Nothing beats this wife and daughter combo.?

3. James Jones-ing

There were way too many people doing this. This is an ugly trend that needs to be stopped. It was 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. The Cal cannon

We spoke with the cannon operators pregame and the cannon was brought in from a country town five hours from Sydney called "Wagga Wagga." The two tests of the cannon pregame were so loud that it actually broke two microphones. The Sydney crowd absolutely loved the cannon, which was fired after every Cal touchdown.

5. Food and drink

The most popular thing during the game was these two-foot long hot dogs. The abnormally large hot dog was in such high demand people queued close to an hour to get their hands on one. Aussies love their food.

6. This guy

The Puppeter. No explanation needed.?

7. Aisea Tongilava's support

Tongilava, a sophomore linebacker for the Cal Bears, had a huge supporter group make the long journey down under. Tongilava's family were the first people we met this morning on the train ride to the stadium and are extremely passionate about football. They were seen throughout the game holding a giant banner in support of Aisea.

8. The stadium ran out of beer

Just after halftime we started receiving a plethora of tweets from fans who claimed ANZ Stadium had "run out of beer." A Defcon 1 scenario for ANZ Stadium.

And one more thing

It had everything ... even a marriage proposal.

Two Hawaii fans from Adelaide, Australia ,were participating in some halftime entertainment when one of them decided to shake it up a little. "PG" got down on one knee and asked "Emma" to marry him. She said yes and the crowd went wild. A moment of love and joy among the beautiful chaos of college football in Sydney.

All in all it was a fantastic experience for the people of Australia with many fans leaving the stadium with smiles on their faces and praying to the football gods that football will be back on their shores, sooner rather than later.