Five Questions with Atlanta Braves LHP Horacio Ramirez

ORLANDO, Florida - SportsTicker recently caught up with Atlanta Braves lefthander Horacio Ramirez and got his take on the following five questions: 1) Which is your favorite road ballpark? I like pitching at Shea Stadium. You have the wind and it is a big ballpark. 2) Which athlete would you like to switch places with for 24 hours? I would love to switch places with (former teammate) Greg Maddux. To find out what he is actually thinking about on the mound, get into his mind so I know what is going on in there - actually know what is going on. 3) What would be the one autograph or piece of memorabilia you would like to obtain? I collected basketball cards as a kid. I like basketball and football stuff more than anything else. I have a few Kobe Bryant rookie cards, I got them in packs. I would like to have a John Elway football jersey signed. I am a big Denver Broncos fan. 4) What was your first big purchase with your baseball money? My plan was to buy a real nice car - a Mercedes Benz or something like that. I wound up buying a Chevy Cavalier - my dad got the last word. It is still running. 5) Who is the funniest player in the league? (Teammate) Eddie Perez. He just has jokes going on all the time. You always have to be on your toes all the time, no matter what. Before and after games he always has a funny comment.