Riley Curry Is the True Champion of the 2015 NBA Playoffs

Stephen Curry's 2-year-old daughter is a superstar.

Riley opened her news conference -- this was her news conference, right? -- with a giant yawn before resting her head on the table. This was a big day.

She also asked her father for help with her bracelet.

“Dada, help me,” she said.

Riley -- who also appeared at a news conference last week, following Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals -- waved and mumbled into the microphone Wednesday. At times she walked around, owning the moment.

She handed a man her chewing gum before hiding behind a curtain, dragging the sheet halfway through the room.

One of the reporters asked Stephen Curry about his daughter.

“I think she’s taking advantage of the moment, for sure,” he said. “She’s way too comfortable.