Ronda Rousey's Reddit chat is just as candid as you'd expect

August 11, 2015, 2:22 AM

— -- On Monday, Ronda Rousey allowed fans to ask her anything via a chat, where the always-honest UFC star told us silence is a virtue (and strategy), she can take on anyone (including Floyd Mayweather) and why the WWE could be in her future. 

Does she think she could beat Mayweather in a no-rules fight?

"Floyd is one of the best boxers of all time. He would definitely beat me in a boxing match. I unfortunately don't get into "matches." I fight for a living. In a no-rules fight, I believe I can beat anyone on this planet. Boxing is a sweet science with strict rules that I respect very much and aspire every day to improve at. But you said ruleless fight, and that's my honest answer."

What's going on between her and Cyborg?

"Sincere opinion about Cyborg: she's just waiting to be offered enough money to get her a-- kicked ('cuz she knows she'll get her a-- kicked). I know for a fact she can make the weight. She consulted with Mike Dolce (my current nutritionist) before I ever started working with him, and after consulting with her he said he could get her in 'the best shape of her life' at 135. She then started being represented by Tito Ortiz and all talk stopped. The delay is all about money, not her weight. She made 145 pumped full of steroids. She can healthily make 135 without them. Her shows that she headlines lose thousands of dollars, and the majority of the tickets are given away because no one will buy them. She needs me. So pretty much we're waiting for her to realize that she needs to fight me before I retire or she'll never have enough money to retire. I would like me kicking her a-- be my retirement fight but whether she steps up or not I'll walk away undefeated and happily ever after regardless."

Why does she disagree with the Association of Boxing Commission's policy on transgender athletes that allows Fallon Fox to fight against women?

"I think that transgender athletes should be approved on a case-by-case basis and have a doctor judge whether there is a physical advantage or not. Because there is a big difference between gender reassignment pre- and post-puberty, at least based on the research I have done."

What does Rousey listen to before a fight?

"I have complete silence before I walk out before a fight. No talking in the locker room, no music, cellphones on silent. If I hear a ding from you taking a video you're gonna get your own private Rowdy Glare."

Does she worry about control over her image? 

"I accept that I have NO control over my image already. So, I try not to let the state of my perception have any effect on my happiness. You can never truly know anyone through only media anyway. If anything I just try to keep in mind that I'm an entertainer and not a politician or Miss America."

How many chicken wings can Rousey eat?

"At least 60 in one sitting. But there were no bets on the table. I think I could've done more if it really came down to it."

Would she consider WWE after retiring?

"Definitely. I loved being in Wrestlemania and will find a way to get back in the squared circle, I just have no clue when. And any real wrestling fan would want to be surprised anyway."

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