Saints' Daniel Lasco taken off field in ambulance

— -- ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- New Orleans Saints special teamer Daniel Lasco was driven off the field in an ambulance Sunday after he was injured making a headfirst tackle on a kickoff return.

Lasco, whose head and body were strapped down to a board to restrict movement, raised his hand for a slight wave as he was being lifted onto the ambulance.

Lasco was transported to the hospital with a spine injury, according to the Saints who also said he has feeling in his extremities.

Saints team doctor Michael Hartman is attending to him at the hospital, the team said.

The ambulance and stretcher were brought onto the field almost immediately after trainers and doctors began tending to Lasco, who was laying still on the ground after making the tackle. It was unclear how much he was able to move on the field since he was surrounded by many of his teammates, as well as the medical staff.

Lasco, a second-year running back from Cal, was drafted in the seventh round in 2016 and has spent most of the past two seasons with the Saints as a special teams coverage specialist.