Saints QBs prank Sean Payton

— -- New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton was the victim in an ongoing prank war with Drew Brees and the Saints quarterbacks Wednesday.

This time, Payton found a crash-test dummy version of himself slumped over the wheel of his golf cart when he arrived on the practice field for walk-through.

According to Payton's Twitter account, the quarterbacks were teasing him for his poor driving.

So I had a little golf cart mishap Sat. @advocare football center. Recreated 2day by @drewbrees and his posse. #ouch

- Sean Payton (@SeanPayton) August 6, 2014

Earlier in training camp, Brees and Payton took turns doctoring up each other's practice gear, with Payton having a Rogaine logo sewn onto Brees' jersey in place of the usual Chevron sponsor logo -- a crack at Brees' receding hairline. That competitive spirit has also been on display during daily passing challenges between the quarterbacks, Payton and some of the offensive coaches -- one of which was inspired by the former TV show "American Gladiators."

Unfortunately, Brees has had to become an observer in those challenges for the past week since being sidelined by a strained oblique muscle last Friday. But it obviously didn't stop him from getting one over on his coach.