Shaquille O'Neal calls out LaVar Ball, implies he's the original Big Baller, in new rap song

— -- Shaquille O'Neal attacked LaVar Ball in a new diss track released on on Friday.?

In the song, Shaq challenges Ball's basketball career, and the NBA and TNT commentator suggests he's the original Big Baller Brand, the family company launched by the Ball family after Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball left UCLA.

"I've been doing this a long time, when you was averaging two points, riding the pine," he said of LaVar, who averaged 2.2 PPG for Washington State in 1987-88.?

He also reminded LaVar of his legacy with the Lakers, one he'll witness every time his son plays at Staples Center.

"And when you're watchin' Zo play, look up in the rafters," he said.

Shaq's beef with LaVar began in May when the four-time NBA champion questioned the price tag of the ZO2s shoes that debuted at $495.

LaVar responded and claimed he and his son LaMelo Ball would "kill" Shaq and his son Shareef O'Neal in a 2-on-2 battle. Both LaMelo and Shareef are elite recruits in the 2018 class.

"Watch your mouth, don't ever step outta line," Shaq says. "Shaq O'Neal, bro, greatest of all time."

Toward the end of the track, rapped over a memorable Jay Z beat, O'Neal praised Ball for raising two standout players in Lonzo and LaMelo.

It's another example of LaVar's ongoing encounters with controversy. Earlier Friday, he had an official replaced at a Las Vegas tournament after she gave him a technical foul. That game was called early after LaVar's antics persisted. Then, a source told ESPN that Adidas officials at the event told the refs to "keep [Ball] in the game" and be lenient with their whistles.