Surveying Hall of Fame voters about Pete Rose

— -- Editor's Note: The survey results were originally published on July 14 before the All-Star Game in Cincinnati. 

Pete Rose was part of the pregame festivities for the 86th All-Star Game in Cincinnati, where the all-time hit king is lionized and beloved by longtime Reds fans. But reports indicating Rose bet on baseball as a player-manager have cast a pall over his chances for reinstatement from MLB's permanently ineligible list.

With that in mind, we conducted a survey of ESPN's 21 Hall of Fame voters, asking a series of questions related to the possibility of Rose being reinstated and becoming eligible for the Hall of Fame. The questions and responses are below, along with a sampling of written comments from the voters.

The Hall of Fame voters participating in the survey were the following: Howard Bryant, Jim Caple, Jerry Crasnick, Gordon Edes, Pedro Gomez, Dan Graziano, Paul Gutierrez, Michael Knisley, Tim Kurkjian, Wally Matthews, Ian O'Connor, Buster Olney, Doug Padilla, Peter Pascarelli, Nick Pietruszkiewicz, Brendan Roberts, Adam Rubin, Mark Saxon, Claire Smith, Barry Stanton, Jayson Stark.

Manfred is not going to begin his legacy as commissioner by flouting one of his sport's oldest and most valued rules. -- Wally Matthews

It's impossible to envision Rob Manfred, the lawyer, examining this evidence and deciding it merits this guy's reinstatement. -- Jayson Stark

ESPN's recent reporting calls into question the truthfulness of even Rose's concessions about his transgressions. -- Adam Rubin

Michael Jordan will appear on a baseball Hall of Fame ballot
before Pete Rose does. -- Doug Padilla

Joe Jackson never made a ballot; neither will Rose. -- Barry Stanton

If he's not reinstated, his name can't appear on the ballot. -- Jerry Crasnick

I believe everyone should be eligible, then note their transgression
on the plaque if elected. -- Jim Caple

I know we're picking nits here, but there is no proof that the game's all-time leading hitter bet AGAINST his own team. -- Paul Gutierrez

Unlike the steroid guys, his transgressions were not intended to help get him into the Hall of Fame. -- Dan Graziano

It's hard to imagine, since few have gotten over the original transgression and time has not healed any of those wounds. -- Nick Pietruszkiewicz

The writers will never be allowed to vote on him, and the makeup of the veterans committee will always be stacked against him. -- Jayson Stark

He was one of the best hitters ever, but nobody associated with the game will touch him now. -- Doug Padilla

I now feel what has been reported might just be the tip of the iceberg. -- Brendan Roberts

The new report made it much more difficult for people who defend Pete and try to advocate in his behalf. -- Jerry Crasnick

It confirmed, if true, what I've always believed: You don't start betting on your sport after 25 years in it. -- Howard Bryant

Lots of guys did steroids; not many bet on baseball
while in uniform. -- Tim Kurkjian

Gambling has always been baseball's transgression that carries an automatic death penalty because of the evils it invites into the door. -- Claire Smith

At the end of the day, both affect the trust the public can have in the game. -- Michael Knisley

If he's still revered there and the Reds want him part of their presentation, they should be allowed to do so. -- Adam Rubin

It will only draw negative attention to the event and away from the game. -- Jim Caple

He's a Cincinnati Reds icon; nothing he did off the field can take away what he did on the field. -- Brendan Roberts

It seems like the more he does, the less he helps himself. -- Mark Saxon

I can't imagine what Pete could do in the next decade or so to reverse public or private sentiment. -- Jayson Stark

There is only one person to blame for this entire mess: Peter Edward Rose. -- Pedro Gomez