In ultimate 'grandma' revenge, Aly Raisman catches Simone Biles snoozing

— -- Yes, even four-time Olympic gold medalists need their rest. After a stellar performance at the Rio Games, members of the Final Five began their U.S. victory lap -- but not before catching a few zzz's in the process.

Aly Raisman posted a photo to Instagram, catching teammate Simone Biles snoozing during a flight. Raisman, 22, is the oldest member of the Final Five, so she jumped at the opportunity to poke at the rest of the team, who apparently call her the grandma of the group.

We only have one lingering question: While they may not need the leg room, how many gold medals does it take for Team USA to fly first class??

Sean Hurd is a digital media associate for ESPN. Follow him on Twitter @seanahurd