USOC calls for all USAG directors to resign, launches investigation

— -- In an open letter to Team USA, Scott Blackmun, the CEO of the United States Olympic Committee, called on all USA Gymnastics directors to resign in the wake of the Larry Nassar abuse scandal, in order to start to change the culture of the sport.

Three USAG board members have recently resigned, but Blackmun called on a "full turnover of leadership from the past."

"The purpose of this message is to tell all of Nassar's victims and survivors, directly, how incredibly sorry we are," Blackmun wrote. "We have said it in other contexts, but we have not been direct enough with you. We are sorry for the pain caused by this terrible man, and sorry that you weren't afforded a safe opportunity to pursue your sports dreams. The Olympic family is among those that have failed you."

Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison Wednesday for sexually abusing athletes under the guise of medical care. Every organization that had oversight over the former doctor -- including Michigan State University, USAG and the USOC -- has come under fire for not acting sooner to stop him.

Blackmun set forth four steps that the USOC will now take.

First, they intend to establish better abuse reporting and education for athletes.

Second, he said USAG must change its governance structure. The USOC considered decertifying USAG, but Blackmun wrote that "we believe it would hurt more than help the athletes and their sport."

Third, the letter states that the USOC must know who knew what and when, and is therefore launching an independent third-party investigation. Both the USOC and USAG will be subject to investigation.

Finally, Blackmun wrote that survivors need access to "testing, treatment and counseling."

The CEO concluded by inviting any member of Team USA to communicate directly "if there is more that you think the Olympic family can or should be doing for you and your families."??