New documentary 'Mr. Chibbs'

Former NBA star Kenny Anderson talks about the purpose behind his new documentary "Mr. Chibbs."
15:55 | 05/03/17

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Transcript for New documentary 'Mr. Chibbs'
Magloire up and here and I want to welcome one of the grades of my childhood when the greats of all times are Kenny Anderson pleasure. All star all American in second pick in the oh and a major acts I go on and on and on. But tell you here to talk about some things sports but also is on the unrelated to sports to document it's coming out. Mr. shares. I saw it I says what you're SR twice I think it's fantastic. I think it's also brave and very you put yourself out there like. I've never seen before. What's been the response those for thus far and the first couple weeks even talking a Preston and the people who see it. Great reviews great response I'd say it's capable Cuomo life but I've had that my whole life mean child prodigy 89 years old. Get a lot of attention rupiah in New York queens. You know after playing you know the slogan about documentaries. BO. Basketball the easy life is home so the plane in. It was time documentary. Speech. Short stories thirty to thirty and people my friend you can Kinney is in the store you should tell it. And I wasn't sure while doing it you know Bob what little with the La I don't know I would do you it's too much you know. I want to be open and honest. But it kept coming back to me you know give him story so that it can cope. Young cues or adult escort to say problems when Els played in. Sir I just let myself go awesome too. Well nobody of other butter you up here before at least dive in the not too much. Because there was. There's so it's amazing. Footage and there. And you guys Bobby Hurley and there and every week you know talking about here your your college days Georgia Tech vs duke positive fancy you you've you've killed us a couple of times. And in those heirs. What was some of the highlights ago battery Kenny Smith isn't it all these. All these great the associated with and kind of seeing. You'll our progression from being. Bruce a middle school has golf phenom the just Terry of college doing the same thing in the NBA horse in the highlights the kind of go back and and look and. Below those third Peter documentary highlights whether the Big Dig me in my director jewel care more. The roads we all want to pay Carl want to a lot of love Barry green Steen who invested in my store who believe in the stories. When they wanted to highlight real mile to a should move my basketball goal me agreement that they had to bring life story. Ago Nestle we did. Ando and politics is also no you know what we are weevils some good footage and it. We have the mold this bomb early when I'll bet he had Julian container that will bring about that willow what the visit don't you know yet his team that. The coaches that Arizona that you want to watch it. The movement didn't know we talked about it but there all week it was great you know Bob Rose it was a great college player great player. Fierce competitor. Ago and I wanted people that's been my doctor Majid. That meant substantively. There have substance. In my story to be about documents are compatible and athletes blizzard celebs are but there that's not it would when outrunning your corals. You said you film that we were talking before went live about four years ago how has how things Benson's doing that that's got to be. A little surreal to kind of go back. And see it for years later I edited the footage looked like it was just yesterday but they must business see it and not be. Doesn't fifteen or sixteen was shot and thirteen fourteen area. Well these these dogs. And film festivals and is about the open tomorrow is very emotional for me leading up to two week dog. I'm Bill Watson usually doctors and the watch and it was hard for me to watch it over and over again. Point oh it's it's it's a great stories there's no word on. Put together well you know what what on this little Brawley artists and wanted to do that also put my case. Own up to my mistakes and there moments I saw one of my kids understand you know this is where you fall to come from this and what I dean. Don't realize we made betterment decisions in your life. You've got your kids there in the doctor. Having seen it. And that the LT kind of bond and connect with them and us it's four years. For kids 101112 is like a life science that this is going to be a really big chunk of their lives. Eight kids with some. I'm jumping at it like always because Kong ago is a few emotional ones out the ago. I do would doom every day so let it go liberal Muslim month border but others that I didn't grow when my oldest daughters. You know 126 year old 242220. They'd like was shot with you know I have always I have my fault right now because he's going down that rolled of trying to improve itself. And home it'll be better you know maybe and it wasn't around. Fully gets Carlo emotional announcement won't look at what's great about the documentaries like it's oh well I'm still a work in progress. It's not a finished product is is like this is we are Max valid talking being put us ending of trying to find myself with passionate. What I plan on doing when no law after the documentary ago. Is this is there is a bit have been blessed has been therapy for me. He's an organ progress. I feel it that was on the big parts it was so relatable and I think we can all relates to so many elements in the dock. I mean not sleep second pick in the NBA drafts I've I was there obviously but. You know did that help you know he's you mention your older kids to help them kind of understand you and see you and and and relate to use it like Kenyon I wasn't close in my dad's so I can relate in that way but I guess I saw on the screen for two hours and really got to understand and I relate more. I think the best thing anybody he would name and its other proof demanding that they can do about it. We've found a solution to do what it did and nestled on target new accused. Through its its its seat but also because what it takes to tangle. Their mothers is involved in the ability to get one it and there's still no omelets are open to all of the putter or the doctor Richard good value policy and what I had the gold Loma life. You know we'll give financially forgo a tie and some of the law wasn't. That's peculiar to the statement carried Kate take back the TARP I just got a little better than not that that that than the big things with this documentary. It is work in progress getting better you know pain or fall. That's the main try to you know. Put put for what does doctor. And the stitches and and that's that's and they and they are mom news here cracks and to me very dear to me while Mullen gave me and anyone else Bob days Ole. When they bring baby and there's that she was eating Amal was forced sit cheek sitting came out shoes. It's gonna grow on me and I didn't know money was kept open through killing dogs first there's school I had no money was kind of sought just go by cheers. Family friends every Michael richards'. And when I did something. Positive boy act a certain way mom always say look I missed it suits so there's this thought would be and mrs. very dear to me. And the stuff with your mom and there you get you got very emotional and there I'm sure it's been emotional ever since. It was again you mentioned being honest and you were so honest it is as such said it seem like such a double edged sword. That obviously you can just talent field inspiration that she was to you but the same time you know. There were there were you know ups and downs like any parent relationship. Was that the hardest part to kind of put in the documentary. Here whose tough but it's hard to open up. You know if I got that is locked all the books all of us have a store cores but a lot of with the shame. To tell us stories that embarrassed to tell us goers. To help other people and that's on Tuesday meant more mobile pats by opera Mario. My whole perspective about life changed and I just want to give back and pay it forward yes some good things there hurt. Boy hurt you hurt out there were reported so you know I mean that's what was noticeable trying to do. Mean there was nothing off limits and there there was a media went from your mom sue you know drinking too that the neighborhood and and and abuse there. I mean I we were talking earlier I just impressive as the New Zealand where that I can think of and brave and you mentioned pay it forward have you. Gotten responses from. Whether it be kids or adulterated by saying you know thinking for putting this out there and thinking Ferrer. All bear all the talk justices people read stories you relied Wallace is bigger than inspirational. Hope medio. It feels good put it adds it's still a work for me to. Do more relaxed with it it's not easily you know it's welcome Bob that we dollars I looked like yours. Boy you know once you view what's been put to put out here it is very. Now I gotta go you know movies so are not explained. To the people where ago knew what happened. You know because its only doctor Mitch would. So you know there's gonna be honest and hopes a one. There was thing about it is I've trained. An early age and money so I just stole everything in a clot that put the war look. Both these kids is doing what abuse and molestation. Not the big drove a whole big Joseph wolf bridge full aside. And they got it know that hey this guy carriers and held on high clip platform of being an MBA from fourteen you all stall high school Vietnam all this attention. He got validity Dubuque while. And he's coming out he'd be out uncle gave some hope. So we'll have to live like this my whole entire life it'd and it image riles me and it frustrates me. And you can't settle for but productive life so it makes me like an email and we just hope somebody. And let them know it's not their fault him in this is what I think humans and the dock two minutes is that. The save the powerful message would be an understatement. The us so sick person who goes back decades and it is we're just two victims. We have to. You have to get professional help. I always goal boat affair we have friends because some are making you got against who the hidden hidden agendas Bogle and I'll go to therapy now once a week. A fact amiss in this week. 'cause I'm here. Dude you're telling thing I got the little evidence Merrill it bought purpose eleven. And go home on figure it out about the Cole all we're well on coal and you could join but seeing this the reason for me to relax. Some of that stuff is logic. Put she you'll going to be so everything. Told to you didn't reason to give you read dias. You were greeted by yourself and lol I can see what about wanna say no. It's not now because thoughtful fashion so it's this real good. What is the bright spot those and that that was your work with kids through. From I think he went back to your high school and then later on we society of C speaks it's coach Hurley is as a is that the do you wanna get back into the meat and even now I think Bobby comes is that I'd hire right now you really have. Not even just that the negative and helping to get past that but to inspire them into you have such a great message to share. You are talking year old agent to about Clinton and touring and in that aspect what would you like to do from the studded there's something there that. Old Michael look a life coach I have to do well I like people also you know people going all struggling things. The rule that they and their experience in my life. All market really help help you but not only that it's. About the passion you know when you're hawkers and Muslim on as a but I mean the basketball poll of it of them reaching komando it all he's what so acute with the care they get excited and I'm trying to put forth. Elect a amid tuition program what we gold retreats have different. Occupations common people handle high. High places best lawyers and doctors. Cow in. Come in and talk to some these young guys and say listen it might not work fewer basketball baseball football what you could still have a successful life if you get education. You know Bob eagle back to swing after twenty years meet my bachelor's. When he Terry and are told about and I can't say I went back to school we take. Looming so you have to practice what you preach foam. It's something out there for me but I know one thing I'm blessed than than going god I don't happen to any. Job that I don't want to do just yet check in. I'm comfortable that way so they'll Woolsey and I'll keep going basketball Ortiz in the U high school in the meat college players. 'cause I think they need you going to be fall is I of that exit old arbitrage and crossover dove saga patasse nothing. But I can help you you know little wooden with dual life communal life let's go somebody did for me my mentor taught us it was our obligation. Too low hope. There would give low. I couldn't act after seeing that as it twice they could not agree more in its powerful. And so people know. You're going to premieres one of the partners is an item where work and Republican people catch this I Theo of I FC I'm Google mixed nuts are negative and editor of the circuit the at the end of a long ago we wanted to read sixth avenue. And that's what's interested. It's resting I do the Paul well played the hopeful what street all west fourth street decay that strip right across the street. So you know doubts with that all week ago it's a great stories about the whole parade and everybody coma. Personally don't we give me that's. 97 yen. It's old news old so this is good for me being bring in my documents back whole. Resistance is also awesome feeling that today was illegals feel that it was really check I can't. Stress that enough it's it's fantastic that you would have first got a third mile scenic twice that is all you vsphere twice once go I don't love that cliff no. I love that that it wasn't just think he says sports is it was sports with culture and there's and that's is there. And there were seen that washed over and over again I mean that yet again most it hit home for me this this is my youth initiative really it was so relatable. Before I let you go. That I got a good question for a fun one hair you played a delays in Jordan via and that there. A little bit with Kobe who fear clearly airs and I assume abroad. What would you say greatest of all times and those are always these. Our Rob Thomas are doing are stuff because I love abroad is my favorite player. And a stolen generations ago Michael Jordan is. My career and I that's spanned the best player that's that LeBron James as did this or he's the Michael Jordan of this room. He gets it Jesus and Jesus also play it now. Before he's old dog. I don't know of all chairmanships may be what. The numbers and stats and I because there in the best player ever played a game numbers laws put either either of these two referred player mobile toward Gates's. You Haram business world of a lot of stuff blockades in this community you know justice assumes he gets in the nickel out of its current it's also. Kenny Anderson it has been a massive pleasure the documentaries mr. chance. Please please see this it's fantastic and thanks for joining us supposed as a pleasure and.

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